Week of September 11-15


Monday and Tuesday: No school due to inclement weather!

Wednesday:  Warm Up: Unpack Embedded Assessment 1 for the unit “Evolving Perspectives”.  What does the unit theme mean?

• Opening: Review directions for the Anticipation Guide.

Work Session – Complete Anticipation Guide with reasoning provided to defend each response • begin reading the first chapter of the novel

Homework: Read chapters 2-3 of TATDOAPTI

Thursday: • Warm Up: What do you know about Native Americans?

• Work Session – What do you know about Native Americans? Begin analyzing the informational article  • Complete the Journal—what did you find surprising and informative about this article? • Begin reading chapter 4 of TATDPTI •

Homework: Begin reading the chapters 4-5 of the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian  

Friday: • Warm Up: Reading comprehension check • Opening: Quick-write into 4 square graphic organizer

• Work Session – •Analyze the Sherman Alexie interview and annotate the article into the graphic organizer • Complete the Journal— What is the significance of the passage listed below?  How does it connect to all that we’ve read or viewed thus far? “We were supposed to make you give up being Indian.  Your songs and stories and language and dancing.  Everything.  We weren’t trying to kill Indian people.  We were trying to kill Indian culture”(Sherman 35).

• Homework: Begin reading chapters 6-8 of the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian


Week of September 4-8



Warm Up: Unpack the Embedded Assessment 1 and review the rubric

• Work Session – • (I do): p. 420 Complete the “Key Ideas and Details Chart” to brainstorm for the Embedded Assessment 2—MLA Parenthetical Citations •  Begin constructing rough draft • Begin constructing rough draft • Closing: Checklist for next lesson constructed to ensure completion for Embedded Assessment 2


• Warm Up: Grammar Lesson review (revise essay)

• Opening: Explain the writer’s circle (all students will revise a partner’s essay and then pass it. Doing this for 3-4 rounds)

• Work Session –  Peer Editing GO on page 428 • complete the Peer Editing GO with an assigned partner • Begin revising your essay • Closing: 3-2-1 (3 things you are struggling with in regards to writing, 2 questions you have, 1 visual representation of how you are doing in this class)

• Thursday: • Warm Up: Google Doc Warm-up • Opening: Discuss the assignment, clarify any confusions to ensure that students understand grading and expectations

You type our final copies of the Embedded Assessment 2. Complete the checklist for the Embedded Assessment 2. Coyle will call individual writing and grade conferences.
Closing: Review self checklist created at the end of class yesterday to ensure that you have completed all portions. Submit your final copy to Coyle along with your completed Embedded Assessment 2 checklist.

• Friday: • Warm Up: Unpack Embedded Assessment 1 for the unit “Evolving Perspectives”
• Opening: What do you know about Native Americans? • Work Session – Begin analyzing the informational article • (You do): Complete the Journal—what did you find surprising and informative about this article? • Closing: Parking Lot—Question about today’s lesson/Comment about today’s lesson • Homework: Begin reading the first 3 chapters of the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

Week of August 21-24



  • Unpack Embedded Assessment 2 (p. 57) using the “Unpacking the Assessment” graphic organizer
  • Warm Up: Review unit theme “Perception is Everything”
  • Opening: Review and unpack Embedded Assessment 2: Introduce Cultural Criticism (p. 58)
  • Work Session –
    •  analyze poetry using the TPCASTT strategy “Speaking with Hands”
  • Discuss and re-read applying the Cultural Criticism Lens
  • Answer and discuss questions on pages 60-61 in SB
  • Closing: 6 word memoir


  • Warm Up: Review terms and elements of Cultural Criticism
  • Opening: Cultural Criticism applied to reading of “Shooting an Elephant”
  • Work Session –
    • Cultural Criticism applied to reading of “Shooting an Elephant”
    • Discuss
    • Complete reading at home if needed
  • Closing: Tweet it out—students will complete the Twitter summarizer template about today’s lesson


  • Warm Up: Clip from Edward Scissorhands and discuss connection to unit theme of “Stranger in the Village”. Discuss how a film can be analyzed like a written text.
  • Opening: Review: What is Cultural Criticism? P. 58 in Springboard
  • Work Session –
  •  I analyze “Lindo Jong: Doubleface” page 81 in SB.
    • We discuss our analysis to make meaning of what we have just analyzed 82-83
    • Ensure that all parts of the assignment have been completed
  • Closing: 6 word memoir telling the story of today’s lesson

Week of July 31-August 4

 Monday: First Day Activity and “You are Here” handout



Tuesday: Marshmallow Challenge!

Wednesday (and possibly Thursday):

(True Colors, The 5-minute personality test, Myers Briggs and Multiple Intelligences)

Your first writing assignment is to write me a letter about who you are as a student and how I can best teach you.  Cite information from your test results.  Explain to me the ways you learn and work best, as well as how I can help you succeed in this class based on that.  This should be at least 4 paragraphs.

Complete the Data Card recording the information so that grouping and parent communication may be recorded on.


Notes over key vocabulary for the unit/course

Write a word wall poster for each term in which you write the term, definition and example.

o   Introduce Cultural Quilt project


Welcome to Multicultural Literature!


Hi Guys!

Welcome to your senior-level English class!  As this is your last English class in high school, we want to ensure that you are prepared for whatever journey you take after graduation in May whether that be college, military or the work force.  That being said, it is imperative that you come to class on time, ready to finish out your Senior year with a bang!